Wrap Up of the Salon for the semester

Summer is for having fun, but also regrouping for the fall, and that’s exactly what we are doing here at the Salon.  We’re going over our lists, adding new members, and planning out events and projects for the new school year that’s not so very far away.


Watch for us at orientation.  We’ll have a table there for info and to join!  This year will bring more Q&As with graphic novelists, journalists, and online novelists, among other things.  Watch for Open Mic sessions and a bigger and even better Writing Contest all you fabulous writers out there!  What about some lyrics from all the wonderful musicians coming through our doors?  Check us out; look for the posters….


Final Report on the salon is now in.

It will continue!!!

Salon Catch Up

Much has happened at the Salon over the last few weeks. We’ve complied and juried the Writing Contest, with 70 entries this year, up from the last writing contest of only 11 entries.

On April 6th at 4:00 in The Hive, S@Y, we presented a celebration and awards ceremony to honor the winners and mark the year end of the Salon.  Several of the winners read their works; the readings were videoed and are posted on the salon site.  Even though we did not have an art showcase to accompany the ceremony, a couple of the Art Fundamentals students Gwyneth  Schaeffer and Christopher Robin Lai brought their work and set it up against the walls of the Hive.  This added to the festive feeling of the event.  The artwork had to be taken down by 5, but the celebration continued on with music by Mildred Pindu and Cristita Elliot.  Mildred’s own compositions were fantastic and both women sang beautifully in very distinctive styles.  Lots of food and fun, and delighted contest winners.  Open Mic continued with several students reading other works until 6.

Contest Extended until March22!!!!!!
















Get your writing in now!

Update on Salon Activities

A survey needs to be set up (Survey Monkey?) to gauge student interest and involvement.

I’m exploring these buttons and set up a poll on polldaddy.com

The Writing Contest has been extended an extra week in the hopes that we will get more entries from the S@York campus and from the Salon itself.  We have lots of great entries in all three categories, but the Salon seemed to be procrastinating about sending in work.  Several have commented to me that they were interested, but so far, have not followed through.

Evan Munday cancelled the reading and is trying to get a replacement graphic novelist for us.  We may just have to go ahead with Mariko alone.  This meant a fair bit of running around halting poster production and keeping publicity for this reading at bay.

John Switzer of the Independent Music Production department is willing to meet with me this week to see what we can do for the music students.  This area has been undeveloped in the Salon and needs a bit of a push.

We received a DVD of an interview about the Brett Popplewell event, but it cannot be posted anywhere or burned.  This is unfortunate, as I had hoped it would be a bit of publicity for us.  I’m hoping we get something for the next event.

Amazing Connection

Just went from a digg.com article on ipad2 and noticed my blog listed at the top of the page. I was on a blog called Gigacom. It automatically sent me here. Maybe it is a wordpress blog as well. I’m amazed

Salon is presenting a speaker/reading series

Brett Popplewell of the Toronto Star was the first in a series of writers reading and speaking about their work.  To follow Brett’s inaugural session on Feb 17th, we have two graphic novelists, Mariko  Tamaki and Evan Munday, coming on March 24th to present their work and discuss its construction and publication.  This will take place at The Hive from 2-3 p.m.

Brett Popplewell at The Hive

Our first event of the year was exciting.  There were some problems, such as technical difficulties, and a poor turnout, but those who did come were mightily impressed by Brett, and we’ve had feedback already, from students and faculty, saying that it was fantastic.  We’re going to work on turnout, and have learned to not just take people’s word for what is available in the audio/visual dept., but check it out first.  They don’t always know what glitches can turn up.  All turned out well.  SSF was a great help, and, though the Hive was noisy at first, we can probably fix it for future readers.  Brett was a wonderful speaker, unassuming and incredibly talented, with lots to share with the students.  His publishing as well as journalistic talents are truly impressive.  A great start for the season/ series.

The Week That IS

This is a big week for the Salon.  I’m hoping all the ducks are in place.  Tomorrow is our Speaker from the Toronto Star, who is also an online journal writer/editor/publisher for Feathertale, Brett Popplewell, at The Hive, S@Y, Feb 17th 2-3.  I’ve lined up a journalism student, who says “this is his life” to be host for Popplewell, and to make a small connection for him.  I’ve managed to get it to some journalism students who were going to be broadcasting and (fingers crossed) they mentioned it on air. We’ve postered and the SSF has been great.  One of our faculty advisors has taken on the task of getting the announcement on the Blackboard for Seneca, and another has put it out on Twitter.  We have it splashed over our Salon site for anyone who might venture there.  I’ve sent info out to various faculty members (journalism, broadcasting, etc) but not sure if it’s gone anywhere.  I know it’s hard to sell these things if it’s not something you are intrinsically involved in it … and even then, I can almost hear the unspoken groans when my students hear me bring up a Salon initiative one more time. 

It’s strange.  The students that are involved are very much there, yet it’s hard to get them organized  – as I know with any organization that isn’t run on pay checks.  You do what you can.  Your heart is in it at the moment, but you get pulled in other more practical and essential directions most of the time.  But the Salon is very real in spirit and in actual effort when the students can actually find time.  I was very pleased at the recent Facebook response to the befriending of Salon connections.  But perhaps that is because I don’t truly understand Facebook and all its attendant etiquette.  In all events, it’s great fun to explore this, and I find the energy and support the students have given me is tremendous and I applaude them for it.  Never let it be said that the new generation is insular!

Great Stuff Happening This Week

Check out Brett Popplewell speaking at the Hive at S@Y, Q&A session to follow.

Also, the Writing Contest is in full swing. Lots of entries already. Three catgories: Short Fiction, Poetry, and Creative, PLUS!!! publication in our online journal for Fall.